Creative Commitment Ceremonies & Weddings


I specialize in creating unique, thoughtful weddings that allow your beliefs & your personality to shine. 


Whether you are a man professing your love to a woman, a woman in love with another woman, or a transgendered individual recommitting to your multiple partners, I would be honored to officiate your ceremony. It's your time to be celebrated, not tolerated! 


Basic Ceremony- $175

Partially Customizable Ceremony- $275
Fully Customizable Ceremony with Rehearsal- $500


Below you will find a few of my support packages. I offer a wide range of services with a personal touch. If I don't have the right wedding package for you, I will happily co-create a new one with you. I am known  for my flexibility and creativity. 


My Basic Ceremony Includes: 

  • 1 phone consultation 
  • My presence at the wedding
  • My presence at the rehearsal is available for an additional $100 fee


My Partially Customizable Ceremony Includes:

  • Up to 3 phone/ skype consultations
  • 1 meditation, prayer, or visioning call
  • My presence at a partially customized ceremony, some changes can be made to the options that I offer
  • My presence at the rehearsal is available for an additional $100 fee


My Fully Customizable Ceremony Includes: 


  • My presence at the wedding and rehearsal
  • 1 spiritual support package/ a personalized combination package
  • Integration of just about any theme that you can think of
  • Support in writing your vows
  • Unlimited Email and Phone Consultations
  • Concept and/or theme consultation as requested 


Spiritual Support Packages*


Affirmation Packages: Affirmations are short, powerful phrases that can help you to stay centered and peaceful. I am happy to send you daily, weekly, or monthly text messages/ emails with personalized affirmations that speak to where you are in your planning/ your life and what you need to know at that time.


Meditation Packages: Meditation often increases compassion, peace, and clarity. All of these things can be very helpful when keeping "the happy couple" truly happy. I offer short and long guided meditations both in person and over the phone. I will lead you on a personalized journey that will help you to feel refreshed, grounded, and connected.


Prayer Packages: Affirmative prayer is a beautiful way to begin your day and it can be especially helpful during times of great stress. I offer prayer support once a day, once a month, or once a week to help keep you grounded throughout the process. I am happy to pray for the bride, the groom, the family, or all of the above.


Visioning Packages: Visioning is designed to offer clarity when planning a big event or life change. Since you are likely doing both, visioning can help provide you with some insight while allowing you to confidently move forward with celebration and love on your mind. We can vision once or we can vision once a week. Let's do it until you are confident that you have the answers that you need.



*Some Spiritual Support Packages and other add ons may cost extra. All prices will be discussed in advance. 


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