What People Are Saying About Our Cuddle Sessions:

"Shawn is an amazing human being and their services are so necessary. From the moment I entered the space I felt warm and welcomed! Shawn asked if I would like a hug, a process we repeated many times throughout my visit. Shawn made me feel comfortable and safe all while giving me opportunities to practice asking for consent and giving and receiving non-sexual touch. We chatted throughout the whole session--about way more than just touch and consent! I felt understood and listened to. Shawn was truly present the whole time, and they offered such a wide range of touch from hand holding to head scratching. Anytime I felt discomfort (like an arm starting to fall asleep) I simply asked if we could try something new or different and Shawn was totally supportive. My time with Shawn remained one of the best investments I have ever made in my happiness." -Caitlin, Sexuality Strategist & Intimacy Coach

"You MUST TRY a session with Shawn.  Initially, I had reservations about professional cuddling.  Even though I knew how important touch is for me and that I was not getting enough in my daily life, I couldn't see how cuddling with a professional would be fulfilling. Frankly, I'm still not convinced about professional cuddling in general. BUT, I am completely convinced that everyone needs to work with Shawn.  With Shawn, it's way more than getting to be big or little spoon.  Shawn provides a space where you can feel safe, heard, and nurtured.  She makes it easy for you to let go of physical and emotional stress, some you may not even realize you were holding onto, and then to connect with the love, peace and joy that is inside you.  (no matter how far down it may be buried).  It's like some combination of body work and energy work with a magical element thrown in that I can't really describe.  Try it for yourself." - Kim, Wellness Coach 

"Shawn is a great person to open up to if you've never tried a cuddling service before. They will make you feel right at home and explain what it's all about. If you are nervous, they will go as slow as you need to, and suggest different ways to cuddle if you are unsure. I always feel more comfortable and relaxed after spending time with Shawn. 

I went to group cuddle parties for 2+ years, but being one-on-one with a professional cuddler definitely has its benefits! If you are shy or unsure, a group can be intimidating. You might feel nervous about who to talk to, or feel embarrassed if you get rejected with other people watching. These are not problems with Shawn. They will let you know in a gentle and clear way what would be comfortable for both of you. It's a great way to practice asking for what you want. After a few sessions with Shawn, I was even approaching and talking to people I had never met. If you knew how shy I can be, you would know how amazing that effect is!" -Tom, Cuddle Party Regular


To join the ranks of happy clients, please contact me online or give me a call att 669-23-BE-YOU to schedule a personalized cuddle session or to inquire about workshops and events.


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