Sex in the Water: Tips and Advice

Sex in the Water: Tips and Advice

What kind of water?

The water for this most suitable is very different; the main thing, of course, is that it should be clean, or even a little. 



The advantage of having sex in the jacuzzi is a comfort and general relaxation. You can eat strawberries, drink wine and slowly have sex like lazy pandas. Satisfy all the basest needs! Beauty! Invite a girl from and have a nice evening.


The pool, like the Jacuzzi, is always synonymous with luxury. If you've ever been to a big hotel, even in Turkey, you probably enjoyed being at the bar and looking at all these girls in erotic bikinis with dazzling smiles. Sex at night in the pool is a great way to get to know a girl and experience a kind of lazy extreme, shaking from the fact that the pool washer can now come and drive the debauches away.


Cheap and angry. And it's very slippery. We collect water, arrange romance, splash water on the floor, threatening to flood neighbors from the bottom. Was it a hard day at work? Take a bath or get under the shower! Positions for making love, of course, specific. First, you can have sex under the shower in a pose like "she leaned against the wall, and you settled in from behind," and then lie down to lie in the bath.

Ocean or sea

Is the holiday going to be really excellent? Are you going to get out of the cold homeland and fly to the warm countries? At your disposal is the endless blue sea or even more boundless ocean. Closer to the evening or even to the night you can secretly come to the beach and do your dirty business there. Take off her bikini and let's do what you were born for, laying (or staying) in lazy waves. The chance that you will be caught is great. But the chance of being released is even greater. I think there are a lot of such grief-lovers in the resort countries.

Tips for those who want to do "water sports"

If you want to have sex in a liquid environment, and the water element beckons also your girlfriend, here are some life tips for you.


In the case of sex with a proven partner and having sex with a charming blonde, whom you met on vacation, do not forget about protection. The condom will work in the water! There are even special condoms with a very tricky lubricant, which is not washed off with water. If the condom accidentally slips, you can get some sort of infection. And you can become a daddy. Anyway, these are bad options for you.


By the way, about lubricants. The most unpleasant thing about having sex in the water is the lack of a natural lubricant, which is quickly washed off with water. Poking in a dry vagina with your Johnson is a very unpleasant fate, especially when it was not so long ago completely wet, and then the water washed off the grease, and now the girl is dry, like the Sahara desert. Use a waterproof grease, for example on a silicone base.



You enter a room sprinkled with candles and pillows. I ask if you would like a hug. If you say yes, we will share a warm embrace.  I will give you a little time to get settled as I set the timer. This allows both of us to be more fully present. 


Once you are settled, you will be able to choose from several possible places to sit or lay. From there we will check in and find a mutually enjoyable way to snuggle/sit/connect. Your comfort is important so we will check in as needed. As we comfortably connect we can share our experiences with touch, joke, or simply relax. I will follow your lead. 


10 min before the end of your session, a meditation bell will sound. If you have not yet asked for that back rub you really wanted, this is the perfect time for that. 


When your time is complete, I will ask if you would like a hug goodbye and we will part ways. From there, we will likely both be blissed out for the next few days. 


For more info about my cuddle sessions, check out my article in the Chicago Reader


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