Relationship Funerals

We all experience grief. This grief is often accompanied by feelings of loneliness, unforgiveness, resentment, and anger. The ending of a significant relationship can bring up the same feelings of grief that accompany a death. Our hearts hurt. Our bodies hurt. At times, it can seem impossible to move on or move through what we are feeling. Still, many of us are not encouraged to take the space or time that we would like to fully grieve a relationship - to feel the loss and be witnessed as we discuss the pain of it all.
A relationship funeral gives you that space to breathe as your closest friends and supportive family members stand around you with love in their hearts. In this safe environment, I will help you to figuratively/ literally bury the hatchet. You will be invited to share your frustrations and disappointments, celebrate the good by telling lighthearted stories, and move through a series of forgiveness exercises in order to get to a place of acceptance. I truly believe that there is nothing that you or your ex did or have ever done that can make either of you unforgivable. It is time to tell a new version of that sad story. As you find the strength and clarity to love and accept yourself just as you are now, you will find it so much easier to love and accept all of those around you. This is an attractive place which invites more good and more love into your life. 


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