Festive Funerals

I believe that funerals are beautiful opportunites to honor our loved ones, while celebrating their lives. I would love to help you find ways to incorporate the things that brought joy to the guest of honor. With my creative mind and your in depth knowledge, the possibilites are endless!


Funerals are also about closure. I have a long list of ways that I can help your guests forgive themselves/ the honored person, accept what has occured, and embrace death/ transition as a natural part of the life cycle.


Basic Ceremonies start at $75
Longer Ceremonies (exceeding 1 hour) and Ceremonies with Support Packages (additional prayer during the week before/after the funeral, affirmations, etc) start at $150


I do pet funerals!


I'm not sure if "all dogs go to heaven," or hamsters for that matter. I do know that they continue to hold a special place in our hearts long after they transition to their next plane. Let's celebrate the life of your furry little ball of love in a way that honors her/him. Heck, we can even do the ceremony at his/her favorite dog park if you like. Let's make this special!



Spiritual Support Packages*

Affirmation Packages: Affirmations are short, powerful phrases that can help you to stay centered and peaceful. I am happy to send you daily, weekly, or monthly text messages/ emails with personalized affirmations that speak to where you are in your life/ the acceptance process and what is most uplifting at that time.


Meditation Packages: Meditation often increases acceptance and clarity. Both of which can be very helpful when confronting the loss of a loved one. I offer short and long guided meditations both in person and over the phone. I will lead you on a personalized journey that will help you to feel refreshed, grounded, and connected.


Prayer Packages: Affirmative prayer is a beautiful way to begin or end your day. It can be especially helpful during times of great stress and sadness. I offer prayer support once a day, once a month, or once a week to help keep you grounded throughout the process. I am happy to pray for you, your friends, or your family/ other loved ones. I am also available to pray with loved ones immediately following the funeral. 


*Some Spiritual Support Packages and other add ons may cost extra. All prices will be discussed in advance. 



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