Cuddle Sandwiches

What's the only thing better than 1 on 1 cuddling? 2 on 1 cuddling, of course

I will team up with one of my cuddly friends in order to create a unique cuddle experience just for you.

We can snuggle up while taking a nap. We can start our own back rub train. We can hold hands while chatting. We can even form a mini puppy pile. There are lots of possibilities in the realm of non-sexual cuddling. 

We can spoon, cuddle face to face, nuzzle in close, give hand massages, and create a non-judgmental space. 

Oxytocin, the hormone produced when humans touch, can decrease stress, boost the immune system, crystallize memories, and fight insomnia. Join us for an afternoon or evening of connection and relaxation. 


Touchpoints: Cuddles and Community

+1 669 23 BE YOU

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