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1 on 1 Cuddling is great for anyone who enjoys connecting in unique ways/ snuggling, being truly seen, feeling heard, or defining boundaries. Click here to book your cuddle session now and start practicing any of these things in my cuddle friendly space. I spend my nights and weekends leading workshops focused on vulnerability. Creating safe spaces for processing, learning, and growing is my specialty. If you are seeking a new relationship with touch, I am the person that you want to contact. 


Whether you want to simply be held while you cry it out, fall asleep in someone's arms, or practice saying no to unwanted touch; you are in the right place. I am available for weekday, weeknight, and weekend appointments. First time clients can book sessions for 60, 90, or 120 minutes. Kick things off by filling out the contact form. I look forward to connecting with you in this way! 



  1. In order to maintain a non-sexual environment, clothing stays on the entire time. Comfy clothing such as pajamas/ sweats are encouraged. 
  2. Everyone involved is encouraged to make specific requests if they would like to engage in some form of touch. Please respond with an honest yes or no. If you are unsure, please say no. You can re-visit this request later if you like. 
  3. If you feel uncomfortable/ need to shift positions at any time, please take care of yourself right away. You do not have to wait for a certain level of discomfort in order to adjust. :) 



You enter a room sprinkled with candles and pillows. I ask if you would like a hug. If you say yes, we will share a warm embrace.  I will give you a little time to get settled as I set the timer. This allows both of us to be more fully present. 


Once you are settled, you will be able to choose from several possible places to sit or lay. From there we will check in and find a mutually enjoyable way to snuggle/sit/connect. Your comfort is important so we will check in as needed. As we comfortably connect we can share our experiences with touch, joke, or simply relax. I will follow your lead. 


10 min before the end of your session, a meditation bell will sound. If you have not yet asked for that back rub you really wanted, this is the perfect time for that. 


When your time is complete, I will ask if you would like a hug goodbye and we will part ways. From there, we will likely both be blissed out for the next few days. 


For more info about my cuddle sessions, check out my article in the Chicago Reader


Touchpoints: Cuddles and Community

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